Facial Cosmetic Surgery

At Precision Aesthetics, we understand the importance of making a good impression. Your face is how people see you, so enhancing your features can go a long way in helping you to look and feel your best. Facial cosmetic surgery is highly effective in reversing the negative effects of ageing, enhancing your appearance and helping you to feel better about the way you look.

Facial Cosmetic Surgery

Look and Feel Your Best

Our facial cosmetic procedures are safe, proven and effective in combating wrinkles, lifting loose skin, restoring facial volume, enhancing your skin condition and reshaping your silhouette. Surgical options include ear correction Otoplasty, eyelid Blepharoplasty, facelifts, mini-facelifts, chin liposuction, nose-shaping Rhinoplasty, Thermage, fat grafting and lip augmentation.

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