Fraxel Laser

Precision Aesthetics offers the latest in skin laser treatment technology through FRAXEL® Laser Treatment. This breakthrough technology is an aesthetic procedure based on a new science of "fractional" skin repair. Improvement is immediate with ongoing cumulative positive changes. Virtually every patient who opts for this procedure experiences cosmetic enhancements that they can both see and feel.

Fraxel Laser



The FRAXEL® Laser Treatment is a technology approved by the FDA for skin resurfacing and the treatment of acne scars, surgical scars, stretch marks, uneven pigmentation, brown spots, wrinkles, fine lines and enlarged pores. Benefits of FRAXEL® Laser Treatment may include the following:

  • Minimal downtime – no lengthy or painful recuperation
  • Natural, youthful-looking results
  • Improves tone, texture and pore size
  • Reduces unwanted brown spots
  • Smoothesacne scars and surgical scars
  • Improves wrinkles and fine lines
  • Resurfaces neck, chest, arms and hands
  • Diminishes stretch marks


Please contact us to find out more about how FRAXEL® can transform your appearance and self-esteem.

What’s involved in FRAXEL® treatments?

For this facial treatment, a topical anaesthetic would be applied and the procedure would performed in the doctor’s office which takes about 60 minutes to complete. FRAXEL® Laser Treatment can be safe and speedy and can be well tolerated by the skin. A typical treatment plan can call for 4-6 sessions, spaced 2-6 weeks apart.

The skin can be resurfaced by treating only a very small fraction of skin at a time, without breaking the skin’s protective outer barrier. Unlike some other lasers, this process does not remove the entire top layer of damaged skin, so a lengthy recovery period is not necessarily required.

There may not be any pain or discomfort associated with FRAXEL® Laser Treatments. Most people could compare it to having mild sunburn: Your face would be flushed and you may experience a slight swelling. Both can diminish in the following two days. Your treatment area may appear bronzed or tanned for up to two weeks after treatment and your skin may begin to flake off just like sunburn, which can be a sign of healing and repairing.

Recent articles have suggested that by combining the THERMAGE® and FRAXEL® procedures, one could obtain superior tightening, texture, tone and skin rejuvenation results. Fortunately, both these treatments can be performed at Precision Aesthetics as we have the technology to actively combine these two modalities in what may be a cost effective, clinically proven manner.

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