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Lipo – Fact, Fiction and Fantasy

Dr. Ching debunks 10 common misconceptions or myths about

Male Hotlines

So, what do men want? Generally, not more youthful but rather good for their age. They want to look like the cool guy!

Sculpting the Male A look at big body implants

While the request for body contouring using silicone implants in men is far less common than in women, there is still a demand for these types of operations, writes Dr Vernon Ching.

Calf augmentation without the knife

For years, fat transfers (or grafts) have been used to fill in facial flaws such as hollow cheeks, sunken eyes or indented scars. Now they are also used to augment many other areas of the body. Dr Vernon Ching discusses.

The Chin Makeover

The chin is a symbol of sensuality in the female and masculinity in the male, playing a pivotal role in facial aesthetics. Despite this however, it’s a feature that’s often neglected. Dr Vernon Ching discusses.

Face Lifting after Massive Weight Loss

Patients undergoing bariatric surgery for severe obesity are often left with excess, sagging skin, affecting all areas of the body – including the face. This can negatively impact one’s body image and self-esteem, despite the powerful achievement of significant weight loss.

The latest method in fat removal

A pioneering new liposuction technique has been growing in popularity, as it promises to remove fat in a smooth and gentle manner. This procedure is known as SAFELipo® - and has been recognized for exactly what its name implies: a safer alternative.

The Brazilian boob Job

Dr Vernon Ching reports on a procedure called "The Brazilian Boob Job" - a method of performing breast augmentation that seems to have taken Australia by storm...

The balloon pill

A new diet pill called the Obalon inflates inside your stomach to mimic the results of weight loss surgery. While it’s being touted as the new non-surgical alternative to gastric bypass, the question remains: is it an effective tool…or simply hype?

The zen of great skin health

Great skin, for the majority of us, does not come naturally. Only those that are truly genetically gifted have this biological advantage. This does not mean that the rest of us are doomed, merely that we need to work a lot harder to achieve our goal.


Thermage and Fraxel bring out the best in each other, just like you and your best friend. This non-surgical treatment sequence is your skin’s best friend for total skin rejuvenation. The combined treatments help correct the most signifi cant signs of ageing: sagging skin, wrinkles, skin texture and pigmentation.

Skin Rejuvenation the Thermage way

DR VERNON CHING discusses the Thermage system – a safe, non-invasive, radiofrequency cosmetic procedure that’s clinically proven to help smooth, tighten and contour skin for an overall younger appearance.

The next generation of peel

While facial chemical peels remain among the most effective treatments for skin rejuvenation, it must be noted that not all peels provide the same results. It’s the strength of the peel solution that affects the depth of the treatment.

The Yummy Mummy

You’ve had your babies, experienced one of the most wonderful things a woman can do in her lifetime – but don’t forget about yourself. Pregnancy can take a toll on your body, affecting your breasts, tummy and legs. After nine months, you’re probably longing for your pre-pregnancy figure.

The full Mommy Makeover

Pregnancy can take a toll on your body, affecting your breasts, tummy and legs. After nine months—or more, if nursing—you are probably longing for your pre-baby figure.

Choosing Cosmetic Surgery: looking in the Mirror

In modern society attitudes to cosmetic surgery have changed dramatically with an increased acceptance of people choosing how they wish to look. Cosmetic surgery has lost its connotation as “vani- ty surgery” and patients have come to realize that if performed for the right reasons a profound and positive change will occur.

Beautification And The Perfect Face

According to scientists, we are all automatically and genetically drawn to people with beautiful traits as these people are perceived more healthy and strong and are more likely to produce offspring with these self-same characteristics. Even a baby knows beauty is innate.

Sun and the April Holidays

Autumn is a deceptive season. Once the summer rains abate, the weather starts to cool and one is tempted to stay outdoors for long stretches to enjoy the fresh air before the cold winter temperatures start to bite. Particularly here in Africa, protection from the sun is necessary all year round, for a number of reasons.

Why Slimlipo laser liposuction is much less invasive than normal liposuction

There is no doubt that exercise and diet is the best way to obtain the shape and figure that you desire; however newer body sculpting technologies allow you to remove excess fat that is not easily lost by diet and exercise.