Why women love breast reductions

Men are renowned for having a fascination with women’s breasts and the female cleavage has long been a focal point of attention and conversation! But, when it comes to breasts, it’s not necessarily always a case of ‘bigger is better’.

Why women love breast reductions

In contrast to women who opt for a ‘boob job’ to move up to a C, D, E or even F cup, there are many women who are only too happy to shrink the size of their cleavage. An overwhelming majority of women who elect to have breast reduction surgery seemingly don’t look back and never regret their decision to reduce the size of their former female glory.

From both a physical and emotional point of view, there are sound reasons as to why breast reduction surgery can be beneficial:

  • Large breasts can be extremely painful, causing back, neck and hip pain on a daily basis. A heavy bosom can also affect circulation, cause skin rashes and result in migraines
  • Oversized breasts naturally sag, making women look and feel older
  • A massive cleavage can attract a lot of unwanted attention, making women feel uncomfortable, impacting intimate relationships and affecting their self esteem negatively
  • Big-breasted women complain about limited clothing options as they often need to buy oversized clothing in order to contain their cleavage; exercise is also a problem for many women when ‘bouncy boobs’ get in the way
  • Enlarged breasts post pregnancy and breastfeeding leave many women feeling self-conscious and uncomfortable with their body shape

At Precision Aesthetics we perform breast reduction surgery regularly, with great success and patient satisfaction. Through the use of modern technology, women are able to choose their ideal breast size and get a realistic idea of the ‘before and after’ possibilities. Feedback from clients reflect significant advantages in terms of self-esteem, personal comfort and self confidence.

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