Finance Options

Taking the step towards plastic or cosmetic surgery is a big one and we understand that it’s important for clients to be fully aware of all costs involved. At Precision Aesthetics we consult openly with clients, being fully transparent about fees and possible extra expenses that may arise.

Finance Options

We can also assist clients who need to investigate the extent to which their medical aids will cover certain procedures.

Finance Options for Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery

Surgery can be an expensive option so we are also able to guide patients in terms of seeking financial assistance.

The following information may assist you:

  • Your first step is for prospective patients to get in touch with us to get current costs for non-surgical treatments as well as estimated costs for all other procedures
  • Patients can meet us with in person or else phone or email us with a price query
  • The Precision Aesthetics team will explain how many treatment sessions and/or consultations would generally be required
  • If you require financial assistance for your treatment or your cosmetic or plastic surgery, please contact the following useful service providers: