Out of Town Patients

Precision Aesthetics aims to be conveniently located, situated at the Waterfall City Hospital in Northern Johannesburg, close to Lanseria International Airport and Oliver Tambo International Airport. We can assist out of town patients with quality care and advice, enabling you to find suitable accommodation and private assistance before and after your visit.

Out of Town Patients

We Help Out of Town Patients Get Things Right

For your convenience, our office can advise you on prospective dates for your consultations and also inform you about what we would require from you before and after a consultation or procedure. We will make every effort to accommodate your needs, supporting you with local arrangements and providing information about your elective surgery. This can be done telephonically, via email, as well as in person. Information that we may request includes the following:

  • Information and photographs relating to the procedure in which you are interested
  • Details of your medical history, including information about any previous medical and cosmetic surgery
  • Lists of medications, vitamins and supplements that you may be taking
  • Details of possible allergies, health complications and potential risks
  • Medical clearance from your General Practitioner
  • Blood samples
  • Your time schedule and preferred availability

Because your safety and well-being are paramount, we would recommend that out of town patients arrive in Johannesburg at least 2 to 3 days prior to surgery. This would enable us to meet with you in person beforehand to discuss any questions and concerns you may have and to explain what your procedure will involve. Our staff will advise you on the recommended recovery time as well as assisting you to arrange the necessary post-operative care. We will also schedule all required consultations with you in advance. In general, our patients are ready to travel home 7-14 days after surgery.

Through good planning and attention to detail, we aim to make your visit as comfortable, exciting and rewarding as possible. We want you to enjoy the best outcome and are available to assist you wherever possible. We look forward to hearing from you to arrange your visit!

A Guideline for Post-Operative Follow-Up Consultations

 Breast Augmentation  Post-operative assessment within 3-4 days
Breast Lift / Breast Reduction Post-operative assessment one day afterwards and again within 5-7 days, with a final appointment to ensure that you are fit to travel
 Facelift / Neck Lift  Post-operative assessment one day afterwards, again within 4–5 days and a final appointment within 7-10 days
 Tummy Tuck  Post-operative appointments within 7-10 days, depending on the size and extent of surgery
 Eyelid Surgery  Post-operative appointments within five days, depending on the size and extent of surgery
 Liposuction  Post-operative appointments within 3-4 days
Rhinoplasty Post-operative assessment the following day and again within 5-7 days
Labiaplasty Post-operative appointment within three days