Patient Education

At Precision Aesthetics, patient safety and well-being is our over-riding concern. We appreciate the importance of providing you with accurate information, realistic time-frames for recovery and any other details that will support a quick and complete recovery after plastic and cosmetic surgery, as well as non-surgical procedures. We encourage our patients to be well-informed and to ask as many questions as required in order to be comfortable about a decision to proceed with surgical or non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

Patient Education

Patient Safety: We Do Things Smart, We Do Things Right...

Before and After Plastic Surgery

In addition to providing medical and procedure-related advice and information, the following tips may assist you to enjoy a smooth and successful experience:

Tips: The Week Before Plastic Surgery

A week before plastic or cosmetic surgery:

  • Begin purchasing groceries and household supplies in advance and prepare frozen meals, microwave dinners and pre-packed drinks for after surgery, when you are healing and not able to cook
  • Bring things like clothes, blankets and toiletries down from high shelves and have everything you will need within close proximity and easy reach
  • Have soft pillows ready as you may need to sleep in an elevated position after your surgery
  • Place chairs, recliners and things like books and TV remotes in position, ready for your return after your procedure
  • Arrange for household help for the duration of your recovery period and make arrangements for a friend or family member to assist you on your first night after surgery
  • Make arrangements for childcare if you will need assistance with things like school transport and child-minding
  • Arrange transport to and from your cosmetic or plastic surgery on the day of your procedure
  • Draw up a list of emergency contacts, including your surgeon’s after-hours details should you need to phone us


Tips: The Day Before Plastic Surgery

A day before plastic or cosmetic surgery:

  • Confirm your appointment with us and feel free to ask any last-minute questions
  • Take off your valuables and do not wear any jewellery when you come to your appointment
  • Advise us if you have any body piercings that can’t be removed so these can be safely taped if necessary
  • Don’t wear contact lenses when you come for your cosmetic or plastic surgery procedure
  • Wear loose comfortable clothes, like pull-on pants and a zip-up top, with flat easy-to-wear shoes; bring a hair scrunchie for long hair
  • Bring sunglasses and a hat if you are having a face-lift and are concerned about being seen in public after surgery


Tips: After Your Plastic Surgery Procedure

After plastic or cosmetic surgery:

  • A safe and comfortable recovery is important so eat healthy food and drink lots of water
  • Avoid excessive alcohol, smoking and strenuous activity
  • Do not drive until you are cleared to do so by your surgeon
  • Get plenty of rest and sleep well in comfortable surroundings
  • Expect some pain, sore muscles, aches, swelling and possibly itching
  • Take pain medication as advised and follow any post-operative instructions you have been given
  • Don’t be surprised if you feel emotional or fearful – it’s part of your healing journey
  • Have family and friends around to give you support, care and encouragement
  • Ensure that you attend all post-operative consultations with Precision Aesthetics

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns or if you experience serious pain or discomfort at any time.

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