Medication to Avoid

As a Precision Aesthetics patient, your well-being is of paramount importance. We are serious about your health and need to know exactly what medication and supplements you take. The reason for our concern is the possible effect they could have on you following surgery, such as blood clotting, putting your safety at risk.

Medication to Avoid

During a pre-procedure consultation, you will need to provide us with a detailed list of things you may be taking – including prescription medication, over the counter medicine and any other herbal, vitamin or mineral supplements. We will also discuss your diet and inform you of certain foods, drinks, herbs and spices that you should avoid in the weeks before and after your surgery.

Please don’t be overly concerned about pain relief as your Precision Aesthetics  surgeon will prescribe suitable pain medication for you to take after your procedure. It’s of utmost importance that you disclose these details and that you take into account things you shouldn’t eat and drink too.

Below is a comprehensive list of medication, supplements, food and drinks to avoid after surgery:


Aspirin Medications to Avoid (may affect blood clotting)

5-Aminosalicylic Acid Disprin
Alka-Seltzer products Duragesic
Buffered Aspirin Ecotrin products
Cataflam Flurbiprofen
Diclofenac Mefenamic Acid
Meprobamate Naproxen
Salicylate products Piroxicam Propoxyphene Compound products

Ibuprofen Medications to Avoid (may affect blood clotting)

Brufen Ponstan
Ketorolac Toradol
lbuprofen Voltaren
Meclofenamate Naprosyn products


NB: You should avoid all diet supplements, including over the counter products and herbal products as they may affect your cardiovascular (heart) system and could also intensify the effects of anaesthesia.

Medication to Avoid (may affect blood clotting)

Cortisone medications Fragmin injection
Dalteparin injection Enoxaparin injection/ Clexane
Dicumerol Heparin
Dipyridamole Hydrocortisone
Doxycycline Persantin
Flagyl Prednisone
Sulfinpyrazone Warfarin

Other Medications, Foods & Beverages to Avoid (may affect blood clotting)

Salsalate Chinese Black Beans
Salsitab (salsalate) Trilisate (choline salicylate + magnesium salicylate)
Almonds Cucumbers
Apples Currants
Apricots Garlic

Vitamins and Herbs you should Avoid

Some foods could impact your blood sugar levels, affect blood clotting, alter the strength of anaesthesia, raise your heartbeat, heighten your blood pressure and cause liver damage. The following foods should be avoided while preparing for surgery:

Dong Quai root Gingko biloba Kava Kava Omega 3 and Omega 6
Echinacea Ginseng Lavender St. John’s Wort
Eucalyptus Grape seed Lemon verbena Vitamin E
Fish Oil Guarana Licorice root Willow bark
Ginger Hawthorn Ma Huang Yellow root
Garlic Horse Chestnut Melatonin Gingko


NB: Please inform your Precision Aesthetics surgeon of all medication that you are currently taking or have recently stopped, prescribed or homeopathic.