Vectra 3-D Imaging

At Precision Aesthetics in Johannesburg we use the VECTRA® 3-D imaging system during consultations to provide our patients with what we believe is the most complete education possible regarding their cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures. It also helps to demonstrate to them the results they can expect.

Vectra 3-D Imaging

Using photographic images of a patient's face and body, VECTRA® 3-D Imaging technology can provide a lifelike three-dimensional view of how your results are likely to appear on your own face or body - not an approximation on a model. Shown from multiple angles, VECTRA 3®-D Imaging can be a bit like looking at the new you in a mirror. This can allow you the opportunity to preview various surgical options, and decide on the procedure that may best suit your personal goals. Precision Aesthetics is one of a few clinics to feature VECTRA 3-D imaging in South Africa.

Envisage Your Dream Face and Body

Our patients can find this tool extremely useful as it can help them decide on things like breast implant size and shape prior to a cosmetic procedure. The 3D images can be rotated and viewed from all angles. VECTRA imaging can be ideal for procedures such as breast augmentation, breast lift, chin liposuction, nose rhinoplasty, body contouring and more.


How it Works

The VECTRA 3D Camera
The VECTRA 3D camera captures a three dimensional photograph of the subject. Using multiple cameras, it takes a number of pictures simultaneously from several different points of view. This can be used to build a three dimensional virtual model of the subject.

Sculptor 3D Software
The three dimensional photograph is processed by Sculptor software to display the virtual model on a computer monitor. It can be rotated on the screen and viewed from almost any angle. The software can then allow your doctor to apply simulation tools that change the size, shape and position of your breasts to achieve the desired appearance. Once you are satisfied with the result, your doctor can develop a surgical plan based on the changes you have made.


What to Expect


During the consultation, a patient would have their picture taken using VECTRA's highly advanced camera, which can capture a sequence of images simultaneously to allow the VECTRA software to assimilate an accurate 3-D image of the patient's body or face. The patient could then view this with their surgeon and may experiment with different surgical choices, such as breast implant size and shape, to see what their final results could look like. A VECTRA imaging session can give peace of mind to both doctor and patient by checking that they have the same outcome in mind. In many instances, the finalized VECTRA image can determine the surgeon's operation plan and could helps him to choose a procedure that would give the desired result.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to see what different implants are best for me?
Yes. You will be able to see how you would look with different size and types of implants. You would also be able to see the possible benefits of a breast lift in conjunction with the augmentation.

How close will the simulated result be to the actual result?
Actual results should be very similar to the simulations. VECTRA simulations are based on the actual implants that your surgeon will use.

Will this software help my surgeon to see that my breasts are different sizes?
VECTRA software includes special tools to show the size and position of each breast. Breast “asymmetry” is very common, and VECTRA analysis can help your doctor develop a surgical plan which would compensate for it if necessary.

Am I a good candidate for breast augmentation surgery?
That is a decision you could make with your physician. VECTRA 3D can show you the possibilities of the procedure, but is not intended as a substitute for a medical consultation.

Can my doctor show me where the scars will be?
Your doctor should be prepared to discuss the possibility of scarring or any other effects from the surgery. There could be many surgical options available to you as a cosmetic surgery patient, and it can sometimes be difficult to choose which are best for you. Your skilled plastic surgeon should provide advice through the decision making process, but a first-hand view of your anticipated result may be an added tool for improving this.
With VECTRA, you should feel confident in your choices and optimistic about your results.

Find out if your operation results can be previewed using VECTRA.

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