Visia Skin Analysis

At Precision Aesthetics, we use Visia Skin Analysis to help determine the state your skin and to guide us in considering what treatment would best suit your skin type. Visia photographic imaging technology can clinically measure surface and sub-surface skin conditions, clearly showing the extent of sun damage, wrinkle development, pore texture, pigmentation problems and UV spots. Visia can also grade your skin relative to your skin type and your age.

Visia Skin Analysis

Beauty is Skin Deep

When consulting with you, we would use Visia technology to determine the current health of your skin and to assist in predicting future problems that may arise. By conducting a thorough skin analysis, we can plan a range of skin rejuvenation treatments and procedures and also check up on the effectiveness of your skin care regimen and our treatments over time.

Contact us so we can work together to formulate a targeted skin treatment programme to help you look your best.