Arm Lift

As we age, arm tissue may be adversely affected by the impact of gravity and weight changes. Even physically active people can sometimes experience drooping skin on the upper arm. With embarrassing names like ‘bat wings’ and ‘hammock arms’ this condition could cause personal distress and lead to people wanting to cover up their arms with baggy clothing.

Arm Lift

Wave Goodbye to Flabby Arms...

Fortunately, Precision Aesthetics has an effective cosmetic surgery procedure to help you address this concern. Brachiaplasty arm lift surgery helps to remove excess skin and loose skin tissue through an incision along the inner arm. Skin can also be tightened to sculpt deeper attachments of skin that have loosened inside the upper arm. The result can be-slimmer, firmer arms and a significantly-enhanced physical silhouette.  For less severe deformities, SlimLipo™ liposuction may be an option. During your initial consultation, we will provide you with details about this procedure and discuss the risks of surgery and possible scarring you can expect. Please note that this surgery is not suitable for women who have had a mastectomy or women who have had surgery for axillary lymph nodes.

Embarrassed by flabby arms that make you feel way older than you are? Contact us for an effective solution.

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