CoolTech (Non-Invasive Fat Freezing)

You can get rid of your flabby belly and waistline and slip into your favourite clothes!
With CoolTech, fat cells under the skin can be cooled in a particular manner until they are frozen. Once solidified, the fat cells can die and can be naturally eliminated over a period of time by your body, with no damage to any surrounding areas.

CoolTech (Non-Invasive Fat Freezing)

Sometimes, despite diet and exercise, stubborn fat deposits may just not budge. If you feel plagued by flab and fat around your tummy and waistline, CoolTech may be the answer to get rid of unwanted love handles, muffin tops, saddle bags and floppy belly flab. The cooltech method is an outpatient treatment, without requiring anaesthesia or pain medications, so there doesn't have to be any down or recovery time. CoolTech may be your desired safe and effective fat-removal process that doesn’t damage any tissue.

With CoolTech, fat cells under the skin can be cooled in a particular manner until they are frozen. Once solidified, the fat cells can die and may be  naturally eliminated by your body, with no damage to any surrounding areas. With CoolTech, there doesn't have to a need for needles, suction canulaes or incisions. This means there may not be tissue damage, scarring, discomfort or downtim. The added advantage of CoolTech can be that two separate areas can be treated simultaneously saving you precious time. A CoolTech treatment can take approximately one hour and patients may be able to move freely and continue with their daily activities thereafter.

Results can be clearly visible with the full benefits of this treatment becoming fully evident within a few months. Results can also be long-lasting, so you can enjoy your enhanced shape without worrying. At Precision Aesthetics your final result can be enhanced as we are one of the few studios that combines the new Velashape III platform (vacuum, radiofrequency and infrared) with fat freezing. This means you can tighten skin, treat cellulite and reduce centimetres non-invasively. Would you love to get rid of your flabby belly and waistline and slip into your favourite clothes?

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