Mommy Makeover

While pregnancy and childbirth can be some of a woman’s most cherished experiences, they may take their toll physically and aesthetically. Also, having to look after babies, toddlers and children can make it very difficult to find time for diet and exercise in order to regain one’s pre-pregnancy shape.

Mommy Makeover

Get Your Perfect Body Back

Precision Aesthetics offers Mommy Makeovers in an effort to fast-track your return to a slim, firm and feminine physique. Our range of procedures tackle can common problems such as sagging tummy muscles, a flabby waistline, stretch marks on the thighs, arms, breasts and abdomen, excess fat build-up on the thighs and buttocks and lost firmness in the breasts. An individual consultation with you can help you to decide which procedures to undertake in a single operation. These may include the following:

A Mommy Makeover may be the ideal way to help you get your body back and to tackle problem areas quickly and effectively, leaving you to enjoy the pleasures of being a beautiful mom. 

Feeling fat, flabby and unattractive after pregnancy and childbirth? Let us help you to get your youthful figure back and regain your feminine contours as well as your self-confidence.