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We offer both surgical and non-invasive procedures with patient safety being our top priority. We combine top-notch surgical skills with meticulous attention to aesthetic details to achieve beautiful and natural looking results.

Precision Aesthetics is unique in that it offers plastic surgery as well as non-surgical and combined treatment options.

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Liposucution Surgery

Liposuction (lipoplasty) can be a procedure used to remove excess fat under your skin. This can be a useful body contouring procedure, performed at Precision Aesthetics. It may be suitable for all areas of the body, including chins, arms, breasts, tummy, back, waist, buttocks, thighs, knees and ankles. Precision Aesthetics uses proven and tested techniques that can deliver excellent results.

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Gynecomastia Surgery

Get rid of man boobs

Gynaecomastia is commonly referred to as ‘man boobs’ and occurs when men develop excess fat and tissue in the chest area. This can occur due to hormonal imbalances or as a result of steroid or drug use.

This embarrassing problem can cause extreme distress and loss of self-image.
Precision Aesthetics helps men deal with this issue through safe and effective surgery.

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Skinboosters for Winter Rehydration

Winter can be a challenging time for maintaining healthy, hydrated skin. The cold air, low humidity, and indoor heating all contribute to dryness and dullness. Fortunately, Skinboosters for winter skin


Exosomes in Facial Aesthetics and Regenerative Medicine

Introduction Facial aesthetics and regenerative medicine have made significant strides in recent years. Among the emerging technologies, exosomes have gained considerable attention for their potential to enhance skin rejuvenation and

Daily Power Defense
Focus Product


In recent years, there has been a growing emphasis on inflammaging within the realm of skincare, and this focus is well-founded. Inflammation serves as a vital immune response, signalling the

Skin Products

Precision Aesthetics can offer some of the world’s leading skincare ranges. These have been carefully selected and come highly recommended. These include ZO Skin Health, Colorescience and Crystal Tomato.

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