Breast Augmentation



Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure using breast implants or fat transfer to enlarge breast size. This procedure is sometimes referred to as a “breast aug” or “boob job” by patients. This operation can also restore breast volume lost after pregnancy or weight loss, achieve a more rounded breast shape with a fuller appearance, or improve natural breast size asymmetry. Which enhances self-confidence and image.

At the consultation, an in-depth conversation is held regarding your specific requirements for a Breast Augmentation procedure. All risks and complications are discussed in detail. Clinical photographs are also taken. Skin quality, sagging, breast shape and size are assessed. Measurements are used in conjunction with the Vectra 3D system and Breast sizers to determine the ideal implant size for each patient. If there is excess skin with drooping of the breasts, then a mastopexy can be done simultaneously.

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We believe that ZO® is an innovative and all-encompassing skin care system introduced to South Africa and invented by Beverly Hills Dermatologist Dr Zain Obagi.

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